Course Options and TTT Rules

Whether you want to race the only team time trial of this distance in the state, or just burn off enough calories for the beer after your ride, we have the perfect distance and ride for you. Each distance can be raced as an individual; times will be recorded for each distance, but please keep in mind this can be as fast or as chill as you want it to be. Our 62-mile course also offers a team time trial that is our flagship event. With the four-rider men’s teams the time of the third rider will be the team’s official time; with the women’s three-rider teams the time of the second rider will be the official time. Medals and trophies are on offer for individual and team competitions alike!

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30-Mile Course

This route offers scenic rolling hills going south and east from Crystal Mountain taking a circular route to the village of Kaleva and past the historic Kaleva Bottle House & Museum and Kaleva's outdoor Sculpture Park. The route continues back to Crystal Mountain on a mostly flat road that takes you over Big Bear Creek and the second crossing of the beautiful Betsie River.


45-Mile Course

The 45-mile route begins with the same scenic route to Kaleva as the 30 mile route. Heading out of Kaleva the route will take you west and north to the beautiful shores of Bear Lake. The final stretch back to Crystal Mountain will be a mostly flat route that takes you over the second crossing of the vibrant Betsie River.


62-Mile Race and Team Time Trial

This is our competitive route for the Team Time Trial and Race.  The Metric Century features some of the area's best biking roads and views. The route heads west and north from Crystal Mountain on rolling hills and through orchards.  The ride along the south shore of Crystal Lake will provide you with panoramic views of this pristine body of water, followed by a pleasant ride along the south shore of Big Platte Lake. Heading back to Crystal Mountain you will be on quiet back roads with a few good climbs. 


100-Mile Course

A full day of bikes in Benzie county, taking in the views and hills that dot our beautiful region. Whether you’re in for a fast time or just want to finish, riders will enjoy well-stocked rest stops all along the course with ample fuel for a day of adventure. And never fear - we’ll be around all day to make sure the grills are still hot and the drinks are still cold upon your return!

More Details


For the competitive rider or teams of riders we are offering the race for individuals and time trial for teams on the Metric Century/62-mile course.  Top times for men and women in the race and team time trial for the Metric Century/62-mile course will be awarded. Teams will compete in an Eddy Merckx-style time trial featuring a staggered start. Teams will consist of four riders in the men's competition and three in the women's. For details see Bike Benzie Team Time Trial or contact Bill at (231) 251-9002 with any questions.


Northern Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the world to ride a road bike, but there are relatively few competitive events in this area. In an Eddy Merckx time trial groups of riders ride the same course to see which team can complete the course in the fastest time. The Bike Benzie Team Time Trial rules:

  • Four riders per men's team (three for women's) with the time of the third rider being the team's official finishing time for the men’s teams, and the time of the second rider being the official finishing time for the women’s teams. .

  • The teams start off at 3-minute intervals.

  • No drafting outside of your own team (if riders on the course try to join your group, politely ask them to drop off).

  • No aero gear (i.e., no aero bars, helmets or solid wheels).

Most riders in today's road cycling culture ride with a club or small group of friends on a regular basis. Being able to compete with their riding mates in a team time trial is something that should appeal to many. The advantages of this type of event are several. Speeds are reduced,  riders are in small groups, and they are familiar with communicating on the fly with one another while riding.

Motorists also benefit from the small grouping of riders.   The most common complaint heard from motorists is that they have a hard time passing large groups of bikers taking up the entire lane. Four-man teams working together are at most two abreast and are tightly grouped and thus can be passed with little trouble.

Eliminating the aero gear also increases safety. Speeds are reduced and the riders have better control of their machines (aero bars are especially problematic when controlling a bike in a group). Another benefit of restricting aero gear is that it levels the playing field. Aero equipment becomes very expensive and can increase speeds by up to 5 mph. Eliminating this option means the event will reward the riders' abilities, not their pocket books.

If you have any questions about the rules for this event, email Bike Benzie or call Bill at (231) 231-251-9002 .